Thursday, January 21, 2016

Food Experiments: Easy Cheese

It seems to be somewhat common for people to be picky eaters when they're children. I've always felt as if I've been picky in a very backwards way though. I never liked sweets, or junk food, or typical "kid food" when I actually was a kid.

I detested things like bologna, macaroni and cheese, yellow mustard, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. I barely liked pizza or hamburgers. I literally would not eat fast food at all with the occasional exception of a couple of things on Jack in the Box's menu. (They were the only fast food place that had things like stuffed raviolis, or fried shrimp, or taquitos.)

As far as what I did like, I remember really enjoying light, natural foods that were simply prepared and contained very few ingredients. I loved seafood and white meat poultry. Whole beans, rice, pasta, potatoes, and steamed vegetables were all favorites as well. Salad was fine, but I didn't like salad dressing, gravy, or most sauces. I liked cheese, but only firm varieties like Cheddar or mozzarella. No cream cheese or anything else along those lines for me! I did like deep fried food quite a lot, but that was the only thing I really enjoyed that maybe wasn't on the lighter, more healthful side.

In other words, I grew up liking relatively wholesome things that most children don't come to appreciate until they're adults. That said, trying new things as an adult has largely been about finally giving some of the things I didn't appreciate when I was a kid a try. Seth's helped me get used to and eventually learn to love former no-no foods like mac and cheese, Velveeta, hot dogs, and steak. I've even reached a place where I sometimes willingly put ketchup or mustard on my food. (I actually discovered that I love whole grain French mustard.) I've introduced him to the seafood, whole grains, and vegetables I've always liked. As a result, we both like a wide range of foods now -- some very healthful and good for us, but others more indulgent.

Our latest experiment was actually Easy Cheese. We've been binge watching Parks and Recreation lately and there was this picnic scene where Andy was spraying it right into his mouth. I mentioned that I'd actually never had it before. Seth asked if I wanted to try some, so when I said yes, he came back from his next visit to the store with bacon-flavored Easy Cheese and Chicken in a Biskit (which happened to be one of my favorite crackers as a kid).

The cheese was actually much better than I expected. For some reason, I pictured it being... like... fluffy the way canned whipped cream is and I didn't expect it to actually taste all that cheesy. It was actually closer in consistency and flavor to those cheese ball things I like, which was awesome. It's definitely something I would happily eat again. It would be delicious on a hot dog or something for sure and it's definitely convenient enough to take along on a picnic or something. Pretty awesome! Andy and April would be proud of me.