Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Veggie Tales: Tomato Season

Summer is in full swing right now, so our forays into new and exciting produce continue. Lately, our CSA has been sending us different kinds of tomatoes. Tomatoes are something that neither Seth nor I have ever really liked very much, but as you know, we've been revisiting some of those foods and giving them second chances. In fact, we were actually looking forward to training ourselves to embrace these in particular. Tomatoes are such a well-loved, common food and -- as was the case with eggs -- I was beginning to feel kind of ridiculous for not being willing to eat them. 

I decided a while ago that I'd really like to revisit tomatoes for the first time by way of a caprese salad, as that seems to be one of the most celebrated ways to serve and enjoy fresh tomatoes. Plus, I love anything to do with cheese! The above photo is a picture of my first caprese. It features organic grape tomatoes (served while they were still green), fresh buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, and kosher salt. I decided to use raspberry Tabasco sauce in place of the balsamic vinegar, as it's really a lot like balsamic, only spicier. It was so good! Definitely a great way to reintroduce fresh summer tomatoes into my life.

As I mentioned previously, one thing Seth and I have been working on is taking better food photos. Not that our old photos sucked or anything, because they definitely didn't, but we're creative folks. The pride we take in the other things we create very definitely extends to the food we cook. We're always looking to become even more awesome at things we already excel at. Seth got us a nice set of white dishes to showcase our food a little better and I have to say I agree with him that they do better justice to our food.


In other news, a Facebook conversation with friends earlier alerted me to the fact that I'm not a complete fuck-up when it comes to life. Don't get me wrong. I fuck a lot of things up and I'm really inconsistent about what's left over. Food is a real exception though. Even though I have every reason for it to be otherwise, my relationship with food/cooking/eating is honestly pretty solid and I'm proud of the fact that it shows enough for friends to actually comment on it. 

I'm also realizing that I happily and willingly do just about everything you're "supposed to" when it comes to food. Seth and I both do. We don't live on take-out, restaurant food, or fast food. However, we also definitely enjoy the occasional Pizza Hut pizza or trip to Taco Bell. We buy organic, local, seasonal produce and organic, ethically raised meat and fish whenever possible. We eat balanced meals. We rarely to never overeat. We plan meals ahead of time, shop according to those plans, and budget well. We never over-shop and rarely to never actually waste food. Food is a real priority in our lives and I am proud of us for that.