Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some Recent Foodie Photographs

Fresh Spring Berries from Our CSA
The other day, it occurred to me that I've really been getting a lot better at food photography. And I've been actively trying, but without much agenda beyond just wanting to do better justice to all the wonderful things Seth and I eat. It reminds me a bit of the process I went through when I was trying to become a better sketch artist and painter years ago. I wanted so much for the art I made to accurately reflect the beauty of the concepts, people, and places I was illustrating. I felt so accomplished once I felt I'd reached a point where that was starting to happen.

Grass Fed Beef Burger with Mac and Cheese
Part of that has to do with the awesome new phone I got recently. (It's a Samsung Galaxy S7.) The rest has to do with me finally figuring out how to make the most of what the phone's camera can actually do. Seth taught me how to properly edit shots so that the colors are brighter and truer quite some time ago. I've taken things from there on my own as well as I can. I hardly have a professional photography set-up going on here at home, so I have to get creative in order to make my compositions look the way I want. Plus I'm relatively nocturnal, so there's almost never natural light to work with when it's time to take these photos. I've figured out how to make the lighting pretty decent regardless though.

"Lazy" Bean and Cheese Enchiladas
I don't think any of my photography is ready for Bon Appetit or anything, but I've had more than one Facebook friend comment on how sharp and lovely they're getting lately. I don't consider myself to be much of a photographer at all, so that was pretty flattering. Even if I do say so myself, I'm getting better and better at winding up with shots that I feel accurately reflect the absolute awesomeness of what we actually cooked and ate. A lot of foods -- especially foods like that enchilada up there -- don't really translate that well to actual film, so sometimes it's a challenge.

Vegetarian Rotini with Marinara
These are just a few of the recent shots I've been especially happy with lately. I've always been creative, but far too often, I've been overly focused on trying to make money or otherwise "get somewhere" with whatever I'm doing. I take and share my photos for no reason beyond the fact that I really enjoy doing it. I'd ultimately like to branch out to other subjects, but for now I'm ever so proud of my food pictures.
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