Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Product Reviews: Pizza Hut's Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza

Thanks to the horrible experience we had at the hands of Domino's back in December sometime, it's apparently been months since we last ordered a pizza instead of making one ourselves or buying a frozen alternative at the store. However, we eventually decided that the bacon-stuffed crust option Pizza Hut is putting out there right now was worth once again risking disappointment. We missed the opportunity to try their hot dog-stuffed crust pizza and I really didn't want to miss this one too. I love me a good stuffed crust once in a while as a treat for sure and Pizza Hut does a really good job with theirs for the most part.

We placed an order for a large one, as well as some bourbon barbecue chicken wings, yesterday and I'm really glad we did. This was a truly delicious pizza. Granted I don't expect something from Pizza Hut or Domino's to be equivalent to haute cuisine coming out of Gordon Ramsay's kitchen or anything, but I do expect it to look and taste like someone actually gave half a fuck about making it properly. This met expectations in that regard, as you can see from my expert photo up there. 

There were plenty of toppings, as well as plenty of the garlic-Parmesan crust seasoning we requested. There was enough sauce and enough cheese despite not having ordered extra of either. The pizza was nice and hot. The minute you opened the box, the smell and the sight of it made you want to dig right in -- the reaction anyone should have when it comes to a pizza they just spent good money ordering. It certainly didn't look like something a blind first grader put together and I didn't get the impression the owner of the location was trying to see just how sparse they could make the toppings before the customers started complaining. (Seriously, Domino's. I'm still so pissed about that.)

The crust isn't filled to bursting with bacon and cheese or anything, but there's plenty in there. You definitely could taste the bacon. When you're eating a stuffed crust pizza, the crust should be your favorite part and I would say that was true for me while eating this. I'm already looking forward to maybe ordering us another one before it no longer exists. I felt like it was worth the money and the experience of eating it felt like a treat. Exactly what I'm hoping for when I turn to Seth and say: "Hey, let's order a pizza."
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