Saturday, January 3, 2015

White Castle Frozen Sliders for New Year's Eve

We don't really do New Year's Eve the way other people do. No, I don't mean we don't drink or don't have a good time in our own way, because we certainly do. We're just aging introverts that honestly prefer to do our drinking and eating at home in front of the television or something, as opposed to out in public or at someone else's house. It's awesome. You don't have to worry about how you're getting home after having some drinks and it's a whole lot cheaper. We're kind of poor, so we like cheaper a whole hell of a lot.

Usually on New Year's Eve, I wind up making sliders and bacon-wrapped jalapeƱos. However, since we've been a little more calorie-conscious, we just haven't been doing the bacon thing so much. It's delicious and all, but we just can't justify it anymore. Also, I wasn't sure how badly I wanted to make the patties and whatnot for the homemade sliders. We wanted something quick that would leave us with plenty of time to observe and comment on how weirdly long Taylor Swift's arms are during New Year's Rockin' Eve.

We also decided we'd still like a little bit of a splurge meal and both of us have had a craving for White Castle lately. (We live in California though, so "getting White Castle" pretty much means grabbing some of their frozen sliders from the freezer section.) We got some of the cheeseburgers and some of the new chicken sliders we had yet to try. Seth scored some Ore Ida Bold & Crispy Sriracha fries to go with them. 

For those that haven't tried the White Castle frozen sliders before, they're pretty much about what you'd expect. No, they're not going to taste exactly like the hot and greasy sliders you're used to from the actual restaurants, but they're really not bad for a bunch of little microwaveable cheeseburgers. They have the little onions and the same thin patties. They have that steamed burger taste. They certainly give you the same White Castle feeling, as well as that "I'm having a little bit of junk food" sensation that you get when you splurge on something special. Plus, they're quick and easy.

The fries were also good. I'm not sure how strongly they tasted of Sriracha though. Yes, they had a bit of that trademark flavor, but Seth and I are Sriracha fiends, so we eat the real stuff like it's going out of style. That said, these didn't come over as being that spicy... but they were certainly flavorful and crispy. They went well with the burgers and a little bit of Sriracha on the side for dipping. We'd definitely have them again in the future. 

Of course, now that I've had my splurge, it will be back to business as usual with the careful calorie counting. New Year's dinner this year will be meatloaf, mashed potatoes, squash, and black eyed peas... but in sensible amounts, of course.
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