Thursday, September 18, 2014

Low-Calorie Late Night Cheese Toasts

I'm really starting to embrace this whole low-calorie eating thing in a big way. I mean... I've gone on diets before and lost many, many pounds before. It's certainly no secret that I adore anything cheesy, or meaty, or carby. (Don't even get me started on wine or liquor.) However, I always relish the sense of accomplishment that comes along with discovering healthier ways to enjoy the things I truly like to eat. 

I've lost really close to 50 damn pounds in a little under three months at this point and I'm really excited about that. Especially considering the fact that I don't really feel like I've been working that hard. I've been enjoying every last one of my meals just like before. I've been continuing to try new things and eat things I like. I've even splurged modestly here and there. However, cutting back on the portions in general and keeping track of the final tally for the day using something like S Health seriously does help. 

This isn't a diet... but it is something I not only really like, but feel I can stick with into the future. I love that I'm actually seeing really good results doing this, despite the fact that I'm not really exercising all that much. It really is all about calories in versus calories out and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

We're mostly focused on weight loss at this point, so we're all about calorie count when it comes to our choices. Nevertheless, I've been astounded with what can be accomplished with a relatively minimal number of calories. Seth and I are night owls, so every so often, we've got to have our midnight snacks. We've been doing these little cheesy oven toasts when that urge arises.

  • 1 slice of whole grain bread (60 calories)
  • 1 slice (40 calories)
  • 2 slices of dry salami (18 calories)
Toast your bread at 425 degrees for about five minutes. Spray with zero-calorie cooking spray on both sides to ensure that it gets nice and toasty. Then add your toppings. I usually just do the above combination finished with a little cracked pepper or other seasonings. On abstinent Fridays, I will eliminate the salami and just do cheese. Seth likes to add a tablespoon or so of low-cal marinara and some peppers. Bake for five or six more minutes or until toasted to your liking. Tastes so much more decadent and cheesy than it actually is. 

This 90-calorie version is even better if you're trying to keep your calorie intake low. It's half an English muffin with half a slice of cheese and two slices of salami. Seriously... really very good! Just like smaller, healthier versions of pizza. These even kind of give you that pizza feeling that is oh so precious to those of us that love to eat. 
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