Friday, January 17, 2014

Homemade Rodeo Burgers

You'd think two people that love burgers as much as we do would actually make more of an effort to hit the fast food joints now and again, especially when one of them comes up with something that we desperately want to try. There's a even a Burger King a block away from where we live, so it's not even like our transportation woes are any real excuse.

Lately, we've been positively salivating over the idea of their new rodeo burgers. However, we haven't quite been in the mood to actually hit the restaurant and snag a real one yet, so Seth decided to pick up some supplies from the store and whip up a homemade version recently. He is really becoming quite the burger chef. I tell you, it was pretty fantastic finishing up after a long day of writing web content for clients and getting to sit down to one of these.

He used grass-fed beef for the patties and added a combination of aged cheddar and Havarti cheeses. There were also three deliciously crispy onion rings on each patty. They were served on soft butter buns with tangy barbecue sauce and a side of curly fries -- perfection on a plate, basically. Honestly, I'm sure the real rodeo burger is pretty good, but this was most certainly an upgrade as homemade version often are. I've been reminiscing about eating this ever since.

In other news, we'll be celebrating Lent this year and Ash Wednesday is March 5th. Our official Lenten sacrifice is going to pizza in all its glorious forms. However, we're also going to be using Lent as a reason to cut back and be less indulgent food wise in general. Smaller portions, less alcohol, fewer unnecessary treats, and so forth. Probably even a fast here or there. You know the drill!
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