Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chasing the Big Kahuna Burger

"Mmmhmm, that is a tasty burger!"
Every time we watch Pulp Fiction, our hearts ache a little bit at any mention of the fictional Big Kahuna Burger. Jack Rabbit Slim's is a close second, but man. Knowing that there's no such thing as Big Kahuna Burger while simultaneously watching Jules chow down on one and comment on its deliciousness has always been the biggest tease ever.

"Winston Wolf" Burger
Thankfully we're pretty imaginative and enjoy the challenge of creating real life versions of fictional items that we can enjoy just as much. Recently, Seth posted the above artwork on his Facebook page and it got us thinking that we were about due for some really, really, tasty, juicy burgers we could sink our teeth into, so Seth made us some. He named them "Winston Wolf burgers" in honor of his favorite character from Pulp Fiction itself.

We've had our eyes on these Kobe beef patties they carry at the grocery store we go to for a long while now, so we decided to go with those for the patty action here. Seth also picked us up some nice, fluffy sesame seed buns. 

As far as cheese goes, he combined a couple of options -- a little Velveeta (because there's just something about that that is so perfect for burgers when you're in the mood for comfort-style food) and some nice sharp cheddar we had on hand. We added some onions, greens, and a little barbecue sauce as well. We also used some fresh, homegrown habanero peppers we had on hand thanks to that wonderful Facebook friend I mentioned in my last post that sent us a sampling of her harvest this year for use in our various cooking adventures. 

My Burger (Complete With Barbecue Sauce)
Habaneros are seriously one of our favorite peppers to use period. Yes, they are hot... but in my opinion they are more flexible than some of the more popular options that people put in absolutely everything -- like jalapenos. Habaneros add heat... but not in a way that overpowers the other flavors you have going on in your dish and they're amazing in just about anything where you'd like a little spice -- meatloaf, burgers, spaghetti sauce, you name it. 

They're definitely something that needs a little more love and recognition in general. As it is, I think far too many people are just plain scared of them, as everyone is always talking about how over-hot they are. Here, Seth simply minced some of the fresh pepper and added it to the burger as you would any topping. I really have to say that they were fantastic and added a lot to the meal.

I was also really happy to be trying Kobe beef for the first time. I'm a cooking show junkie, so I've certainly heard a thing or two about it over the years for sure and had been wanting to experience it myself for a long while. I'd say it was definitely worthwhile -- very juicy, flavorful, and tasty. It's certainly a great choice if you're looking to make a burger that is really mouthwatering and delicious for sure. These were that and then some.

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