Saturday, May 12, 2012

Better Food Photos, Here We Come

DiGiorno Honey BBQ Wings

I am not really the sort of person who tends to spend money on a lot of unnecessary "things". Most people who  read this blog realize I work as a freelancer in the arts, so I don't exactly have a lot of disposable income burning a hole in my pocket. Even, if there's something really useful that I'm fantasizing about splurging on, I probably won't in favor of saving my money for a rainy day. Being someone who was raised to see treating myself as kind of a silly thing to do doesn't help either.

I've actually been wanting a really good digital camera for a long time, but I've always been able to come up with an excuse not to spring for one. The fact that most cell phones come with one built in that is certainly good enough for everyday purposes was always a huge reason why. Now I'm kind of glad that I never dropped the cash on that camera, because I was disgustingly surprised by the built-in camera my new Android phone has. (I guess the days of posting a cell phone picture and feeling like you have to apologize to your friends for the quality are truly over with.)

Up to this point, I've been using the camera in my aging BlackBerry Curve to take my food photos and really, I thought that that one was better than average on the whole. However, it wasn't that terrific at taking close-up macro-style shots of items like food that really preserve the color and the detail the way a good food blogger would hope. As a result, I rarely feel like my photography does proper justice to the food I cook. It does the job, but... you know. I've never quite been able to achieve the same "wow factor" other food bloggers have been able to achieve largely because of their pictures. This isn't entirely a recipe blog so much as it's just a place where I talk about food, so that only mattered marginally to me, but still. 

DiGiorno Meat Lovers Pizza

I'm still not someone who considers themselves to be a very good photographer. I'm a fine artist, so I'm used to making things exactly the way I want them using the powers of my imagination. Photography requires working within the confines of reality, so I've never really thought about it as a means of artistic expression or anything. However, having a pretty decent camera fall into my lap pretty much by accident has at least made me curious about photography enough to consider exploring it more. 

Yesterday, I played around with some of the alternate settings on my phone, including the macro setting. We didn't make anything that wild or exciting for dinner last night -- just a frozen Digiorno "Pizza and Wyngz", one of our favorite calorie splurges -- but I wanted to try shooting some food anyway. My photographic skills still are far from fantastic and I definitely need to find some better places than my stove top to set food up for proper shots. However, I can already see enough of a difference in the photo quality to be kind of excited. 

This makes me actually want to share more recipes or eat out more, just so I can have an excuse to take more food pictures. Anything that makes me want to get out more or do more in general is a good thing anyway, but things that inspire me to be more creative and proactive about being expressive are even better.
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