Sunday, February 5, 2012

Writing About Stupid Shit Makes People Like You

You want to know what's weird about the blogosphere? The discovery process as to what your very unique-to-you audience actually likes to read when it comes to your individual blog. That's what's weird. 

I'm in the habit of keeping track of my traffic at all my blogs, profiles, and websites -- wherever possible, that is. I just like to know who's reading my stuff and where they come from for a number of different reasons. When it comes to blogs that I keep more for public consumption, as opposed to just communication with friends and close acquaintances, I especially like to know what brought them into my territory in the first place. It's never the stuff I would think of as really useful or interesting. If you're a blogger as well and are fascinated by your own web traffic, then you are probably already nodding along in complete understanding.

My stats have actually told me repeatedly that most people who read or visit this blog couldn't honestly give a fuck about most of the recipes or cooking tips (with the possible exception of the 16-bean vegetarian chili recipe for some odd reason). They don't really care that much about how to roast the best Thanksgiving turkey they've ever had in their lives, nor do they care what goes into my personal version of stuffed zucchini.  They only care marginally about what I thought of the dishes I've eaten at restaurants and such. However, they apparently really like it when I just sit here and babble about food.

My most popular post here by a landslide is the post I made where I was just talking about the time I had taco-in-a-bag at a fair once -- no joke. I mean, really people. Taco-in-a-bag is more than just the most ridiculous food I've ever eaten (and certainly the most ridiculous food I've ever been charged for). The post I made where I was talking about it is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever written in my life. I almost didn't write it at all, but I was really bored that day and felt like writing something. I didn't have anything better to write about on that particular day, so I set the bar so low Kate Moss couldn't fit under it... and there you go.

People also apparently enjoyed the post where I just  went off on how bacon has jumped the shark so badly, as well as the post I made about Frito pie and King of the Hill. In other words, people seem to prefer it when I'm ripping on stuff and just being sarcastic... even when it comes to food blogging which is typically more or less about recipes, restaurant experiences, and the like. 

I am not exactly sure what that says about me, my food, or most people's taste in their food-related reading material, but I am sure I feel less bad about just wanting to tell food stories and be an asshole now and again. I knew people were wrong when they claimed my smart-ass mouth wouldn't ever make me any friends! Let this be a lesson to you kids.
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