Monday, August 29, 2011

Adventures in Snacking: Wasabi Doritos

Our bag of wasabi Doritos
So my mom stumbled across this really cool flavor of Doritos that I've never seen or heard of today. They're wasabi flavored, which pretty much means that Doritos has been robbing my thoughts at night in order to create the tortilla chip of my dreams. I did not ask why or how though! I simply accepted and ripped open the bag to try some.

My love for wasabi is unnatural and knows no bounds. I've been known to burn the crap out of my mouth on bags of those little crunchy wasabi peas... and pretty much the best part of eating sushi is getting to have a ton of that green wasabi paste along with it. The idea of a wasabi chip is almost too amazing for me to even wrap my head around it.

I thought the fact that I'd never seen or heard of wasabi Doritos before just meant they were really new. They may be newish, but what I found out after posting the above photo of our chips on Twitter earlier was that these are also actually a little bit rare. My first clue was when people kept asking me if I ordered those from Japan. I was just like: "No, dude. They came from Costco. Why?"

Turns out that this has been a very popular Doritos flavor in Japan for years and it's only available on a limited basis in the US. Doritos doesn't even have them listed on their official website. Most people online who seem to have had these found ginormous bags of them at Costco where we found ours, so that would be a good place to look if you want to try some of your own. However, I am unsure as to whether or not your ability to find these might be locational at all. For what it's worth, we live in California where people are very, very into eating sushi, so it's possible Doritos just figured this was a good area to market these.

Some internet stranger's "Americanized" wasabi Doritos
If you're unable to actually find the bag that says "wasabi" on it like mine though, you might not necessarily be shit out of luck. I guess there are also places in the US where these are sold as Mr. Dragon's Fire Chips.

What that's about, I have no idea. All I can figure is that Doritos figured Americans from areas where Japanese food isn't very popular might not know what the hell wasabi is, so they named the chips something else and drew dragons all over the bag to make sure everyone knows how very "Asian" these are. They're apparently the exact same chip though, so if you can't find the one bag, look for the other.

As for how these taste to a big wasabi lover? They're honestly really, really good and actually do taste like real wasabi. They're not horribly spicy or anything at first, but after you eat a bunch of these, you will start feeling the tell-tale wasabi burn up in your sinuses. Keep eating and you'll also start coughing and sniffling as a preponderance of wasabi tends to make you do. In other words, these are the best tortilla chips I've had in a long time. (Thanks, Mom!)

Of course, I'm sure that means I'll never see them again, because that's always what happens when I find some new snack that's the tastiest thing ever. If you get a chance to try any for yourself, definitely give them a whirl. Who knows how long you have before they disappear from American soil never to return.
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