Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Which Cat Eats an Egg

A long, long time ago, I talked about wanting to get over my lifelong phobia of egg-eating for the simple reason that I just up and decided it was downright dumb to not even be able to tolerate such a simple, common food. However, as any good procrastinator knows, it's one thing to talk about eating something that scares you and quite another to actually put said thing in your mouth, chew it up, and swallow it. Last night, I finally decided I was ready and it actually went pretty well.

I consulted Seth as to what the least offensive form of egg would be for a nervous egg virgin such as myself and he said "scrambled" (no gooey, runny yolk to try to get past), so last night I took his advice and scrambled up a couple. (Those aren't them in the picture, but they look like them... and since I forgot to take an actual picture myself, they'll just have to do.) I added garlic salt, cayenne pepper, and cheddar cheese to make sure they had plenty of flavor. Then I put some on a fork and went for it. I expected to really not like eating them at all, but much to my great surprise, I didn't gag or have to fight a reflex to spit it out. They actually weren't that bad! If I hadn't had such a huge mental block built up against eggs all these years, I probably would have even found them delicious.

In fact, I could see how with practice I could actually get to the point where I semi-enjoy eating eggs and voluntarily do so on a somewhat regular basis. They make a nice alternative protein to meat and would be a great choice for when I just don't care to eat a soy burger instead. One of these days, I'll go all the way and try fried or poached eggs as well, but I might have to work my way up to that. In the meantime? Flavorful scrambles and non-threatening omelets it is. If I come up with any interesting recipes, I'll definitely post them for your culinary pleasure.

Do you guys have any weird, for-no-good-reason food phobias like the one I've always had in regards to eggs? Have you ever wanted to get past them?
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