Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make Way for the Skinwich!

So how many of you would be interested in eating a new KFC concoction know as "The Skinwich"? According to a recent post on, a Skinwich consists of 5 layers of deep-fried chicken skin, a slice of white American cheese, and two slices of bacon on a roll. The original post goes on to state that this crispy monstrosity is something new that KFC is taking for a test run to see how it fares with consumers as a follow-up to its already notorious Double Down sandwich.

Luckily, upon further examination of the actual post, one can tell that this tale of a brand new heart-attack-on-a-plate consisting only of chicken skin, cheese, and bacon is a joke. The blogger who originally "broke" this story lists the test cities where Skinwiches can currently be had. All an astute reader needs to do is read the names of the cities backwards to realize they actually spell words like "bullshit" and "satire". Then they can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Fast food hasn't gone quite that far... yet.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't be surprised if it ever did. With sandwiches like the KFC Double Down, the Wendy's Baconator, and many others along the same lines grabbing headlines right and left, a Skinwich seemed perfectly plausible to me at first glance. In fact, it did to a lot of people, including celebrated chef Jamie Oliver, father of the Food Revolution himself who tweeted about this horror earlier today.

Many people are only caring less and less about what they put in their bodies as the years roll by and the success of these artery-clogging creations only proves it. Personally, I'd rather stay home and grill something a bit more healthful, but just as tasty, on the grill and eat it with a nice side salad or something, but maybe that's just me. I'd kind of like to find out what living into my 80's and 90's is like... preferably without ever having experienced a heart attack. Sure I indulge in the occasional fast food burger or box of French fries now and then... but it's exactly that -- a very, very occasional indulgence and not the basis of a daily diet.

So what about you? If the Skinwich were ever to become a real deal and make its way onto KFC's menu, would you eat it? What are your thoughts on fast food in general?
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