Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recent Adventures in Grilling

It really just wouldn't be summer without  ridiculous amount of grilling going on, would it? I'm pretty sure this goes double for people who live in California. We've definitely been putting out Smokey Joe to good use since we've been here, taking advantage of the wonderful weather, as well as the recent holiday.

Those of you who live in America already realize that this past Sunday was Independence Day. It's pretty much the law that you must barbecue for Independence Day if you are lucky enough to have it within your ability to do so. We followed suit by grilling caramelized onion chicken burgers and apple-gouda chicken sausages. On the side are some homemade oven-roasted potatoes seasoned with fresh rosemary straight from the garden and a helping of maple-bacon baked beans.

The other day, we actually found real live slider buns at the grocery store, so of course I felt the opportunity to grill sliders couldn't be missed. These are made of ground turkey liberally seasoned with garlic herb grill spice and topped with American cheese. They were just wonderful and I can't wait to have them again soon.

The same day we grilled the sliders, we also grilled a couple of turkey legs. This was our first time making these, but it was great fun. These do and probably always will remind me of a day at the Renaissance fair, little medieval history geek that I am!
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