Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To Egg or Not to Egg?

It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to anyone reading this whatsoever, but as a long-time foodie and aspiring food blogger, I love the movie Julie and Julia. It contains everything I adore in movies -- talented actors, beautiful scenery, and (of course) plenty of porn-like shots of delicious things to eat. Naturally, I also relate very strongly to the main character for a number of reasons.

Like the real-life food blogger and author Julie Powell the movie is based on, I grew up watching and appreciating the culinary genius that is Julia Child. I still have incredibly fond memories of sitting around on Saturday mornings with my mother waiting for the cooking shows on PBS to start. Julia was one of our very favorites and she played a huge part in the development of my own love of food and cooking. She showed me how absolutely possible it is for anyone to cook even difficult dishes and more importantly? She did it with a smile on her face and an honest passion that was a real treat to watch. Those Saturday mornings were a motif in my life and I still have the most wonderful memories of them even years later.

However, Julie Powell and I have more than our mutual worship of the late, great Mrs. Child in common. We also both drop the occasional f-bomb when we blog and are major food lovers who consider ourselves to be writers. We're both rather sassy and have the ever so slight tendency to throw a mini-tantrum when something doesn't quite go our way as well. Nevertheless, when I re-watched this movie for the millionth time over the weekend with Seth, I was reminded of yet one more commonality we share.

Like the movie version of Ms. Powell, I've never eaten an egg. I'm sure there's a strong possibility that I've tried them as a child, but as an adult? Absolutely not. I'm terrified of the idea of them. The sulfur smell I associate with eggs really turns me off, as does the worry that the texture will instantly send my stomach into horrifying revolt.

However, there is something about eggs that appeals to me and makes me a little ashamed of this aversion to them. They're lovely to look upon with their pristine whites and sunflower-yellow yolks. Despite not being an egg-eater myself, I always notice other food bloggers' pictures of the egg dishes they cook and feel almost envious of the way they can appreciate those dishes in a way I myself cannot -- through the actual experience of tasting them.

Julie Powell as played by Amy Adams in Julie and Julia inspired me the other day when she tried her first egg. She inspired me to commit to giving eggs another shot and to see if my egg-hating is mostly all in my head, which I strongly suspect that it is. No, I haven't done it yet... but I'm gonna! I'm going to blog about the experience, too. Mark my words! In many ways, I admire and look up to Julie Powell in the same way Julie looked up to Julia, so... if Julie can do it, I've decided that so can I.

Eventually, I plan on working my way up to trying and appreciating dishes like this incredible-looking Croque Madame sandwich I originally saw on Kiss My Spatula -- my ultimate goal in egg appreciation. Does that lovely yellow yolk really taste like cheese sauce like movie-Julie says? I'm dying to find out.

However, I plan on starting with baby steps and working my way up to that. I can't just go all hardcore and eat a runny yolk with no prior training! After all, we're talking about a lifetime fear of eggs here. I figure that some simple, cheesy scrambled eggs like the ones I make for Seth sometimes would be a good place to start. He's promised to hold my hand while I take the plunge. If all goes well, I'll up the stakes to omelets and take it from there. Wish me luck!
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