Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grilled Turkey Burgers and Chicken Spinach Sausages

Montana weather is nothing if not fickle, especially this time of year. That said, we haven't really been able to go out for our barbecues as often. Yesterday was rather nice though, so we took advantage of the apparent break the rain gods were taking in order to grill up some chicken sausages and such that we bought for that purpose a while ago.

The sausages are from this wonderful line called Bistro Sensations that I get at Wal-Mart of all places. I have no clue if it's a special brand only associated with Wal-Mart or not. I've done my research on it and haven't come up with much information beyond the fact that every food blogger who has tried and reviewed these sausages seems to have also purchased them at Wal-Mart, hence my assumption. These were the "Spinach with Mozzarella" variety, but let me tell you that at this point I've tried a number of the other Bistro Sensations flavors as well and none of them have been anything short of amazing. 

I've also been having a bit of a love affair with feta lately. Feta is one of those things that never really appealed to me when I was younger. I guess I used to think it was strong, weird, and scary based on the fact that it comes from goats and not cows. However, as I've gotten older and my palette has become more adventurous, I've also become more open to trying new things. Lately, I've been enamored of feta on pretty much all of my pizzas. This time I decided to see how it pairs with my new favorite line of sausages, so I picked up a little container of Athenos garlic herb feta on the way to our favorite grilling spot. 

We also had some seasoned turkey burgers on hand, so I thought "what the hell" and wound up throwing some feta on those as well at some point. Then I put a slice of the American Cheese we usually use for our burgers on top of that to keep all the tasty, Greek, cheesy goodness where it belonged. The burgers were seasoned further with a few drops of that wonderful smoky chipotle tabasco sauce that McIlhenny has out now. If you've never tried that before, it's fantastic and I firmly believe that it should be part of everyone's grilling repertoire.

The results were pretty darned tasty. The juiciness of the already very flavorful grilled sausages was really given that little something extra by the addition of the feta. We were starving, so we decided to double up on the burgers and add fresh romaine leaves for a little extra crunch and freshness. I'm not much of a condiment eater, so I tend to avoid mustards, ketchups and the like for the most part, but Seth ate his sausage with a little spicy mustard added and assures me it was awesome.

I realize that most people would probably either go for the feta or the American cheese, as it sounds like a little bit of a mismatch. It honestly worked really well though and I would totally do it again. I would even go so far as to say that that was among the best burgers I've ever eaten in my entire life. There was literally nothing missing from it as far as my personal tastes are concerned. Not ridiculously high in calories either. I'm thrilled beyond belief that I have leftovers just waiting to be enjoyed later on!
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