Thursday, June 3, 2010

And the Prodigal Food Blogger Returns...

This is really my second go-around at this particular blog, as some of you may realize if you still have it saved as part of a follow list. I started it several years ago because I wanted a place to talk about my love of all things culinary, as well as to share my many food-related thoughts and experiences. However, not long after I'd done it, my life began to flow in a different direction, especially professionally.

It wasn't long before my web presence started to adapt itself in order to better fit my actual life. A lot of the social networking accounts and blogs I used to run began to fall by the wayside as I ran out of immediate uses for them. Unfortunately this was one of them, which makes me really sad, because I loved so many things about food blogging.

For those of you who don't know me from a hole in the ground, I'm Shannon. However, I also go by the nickname "Cat", hence the oh so witty title of this blog. Professionally speaking, I'm a full-time freelance writer and artist. Personally speaking, I'm a lot of things including a long-time food lover and wanna-be chef. I still remember falling in love with food and cooking through the Saturday morning cooking shows on PBS years and years ago as a kid. Naturally, it makes me incredibly happy that cooking, cooking shows, and food blogging are becoming such a huge thing these days. I feel like the rest of the world finally gets what I always liked about those things!

That said, I'm happy to say that I'm now officially reopening my own food blog and taking it in a slightly new direction. Now that I've become a full-time writer, I have certain areas of expertise that I specialize in. One of them is food. Wine is another. I plan on posting some of my own articles on topics related to both from time to time. However, I also very much want to include personal recipes, restaurant experiences, and even reviews of cooking related media I stumble across from time to time.

I'm definitely excited to see where the relaunching of my food blog takes me and I'm looking forward to making contact with some of the rest of you out there in the blogosphere as well. Stay tuned! I think this is going to be lots of fun.
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